Bill Haas
Computer Consulting Group

Bill was born and grew up in Boston, MA. He went to Bentley College and studied and received a BS in CIS (Computer Informations Systems). Then moved to NY in 2012.

He has 4 kids—3 boys and a girl. Bill started and has worked in information technology (IT) for over 30 years, including as owner of Computer Consulting Group. Bill has worked with hundreds of companies and individuals to help them solve their technology challenges, problems, and issues. He has been “on-call” for many top hotels and VIP guests.

Bill focuses on the small companies, usually up to 20-25, who do not have an internal computer department, CIO (chief information officer), or CTO (chief technology officer). Computer Consulting Group (CCG) acts as the outsourced IT or computer department. CCG offers all the computer and technology services a company may need, including: needs analysis and review, sale of equipment, setup & configuration, training, consulting, tech support, and repair.

Here are two client scenarios Bill helped with:
1) Boston-based photo and replication studio had for many years their regular ‘phones’ that had extensions and was from the local phone company. They also seemed to have ‘ok speed’ for Internet. Bill reviewed the phone bills and internet. He suggested a VOIP (Voice over Internet), a high-tech solution, and increase the internet speed. Now the studio has cutting-edge phone service that sends an e-mail with any voicemail as both a transcription and a recording. They also have quicker internet. Best of all, they are saving $150/month!
2) A nonprofit had a server crash and lost their QuickBooks data. Scary experience. Bill had the data recovered and did a complex rebuild with the replacement hard drive. They were back in business within a few days.

Bill enjoys traveling, photography, and cooking/baking. He is naturally curious and likes tech challenges and gadgets.

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