Deborah Koenigsberger
Fashion Stylist / Retail

Deborah Koenigsberger is the Founder and President of Hearts of Gold, a 501 (c) (3) corporation established in 1994. A successful entrepreneur of more than 28 years, Deb started her career as a fashion model, and then worked extensively as a stylist before opening her upscale women’s French boutique Noir et Blanc in 1989, in the heart of NYC’s NOMAD area. She is a wife, a mother of two sons and a graduate of NYU. Deb was motivated by what “could and should be” and in 1994, armed with her dreams and an idea about how to make those “coulds” and “shoulds” real, she launched Hearts of Gold.
Deb has been relentless in making her dream of breaking the cycle of homelessness and identifying the resources that would make it possible a reality. Her aim; to help as many moms and children as possible to find and maintain a self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle …and she’s been doing it for over 23 years.. one life at a time.
Over the years Deb has assembled a very motivated group of supporters for Hearts of Gold’s Board of Directors, Advisory Board and Donors (both private and corporate). The list reads like a veritable Who’s Who in business and philanthropy. Friends, volunteers and supporters from all walks of life both domestically and internationally, with Deb’s leadership, have stepped up and collectively caused Hearts of Gold to become the viable change vehicle it is today.

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