Tony Pec
Instagram Growth & Branding Expert
Y Not You Media, LLC

Known as the “Godfather of Instagram”, Tony Pec is the co-founder of Y Not You Media, a digital agency specializing in Instagram growth and branding strategy and development. Through his services he delivers targeted attention to his clients accounts to increase their presence, reach, and credibility in their industry. Paired with developing a client’s brand to produce content that aligns with the target they desire enables Tony to effectively grow his clients’ businesses and brands.

Tony Pec has spent the last 3 years establishing himself as an Instagram growth and branding expert. Through Tony’s expertise, he has aided businesses from every market to establish their presence, mission, and vision. Tony has consulted businesses and offered input in their daily operations to help them achieve their purpose; increase their customer acquisition and satisfaction; and successfully develop a brand.

Tony is a practitioner of what he preaches. He started his journey with his own personal brand, the “Godfather of Instagram” and was successful in taking 13 of his personal accounts to over 250k followers in only 4 short months. 

Tony has self-published his own book about Instagram growth strategies and branding. He now has grown his personal brand to a following of over 35k people on Instagram which has resulted to opening an office in New York with a 12-person team.

In the last few years, Tony’s clients have together added 750K+ followers and have grown their businesses exponentially. Each client before they started working with Tony wanted to grow his or her business by growing their Instagram presence and creating a brand, they took action, so Y Not You?

Increase your business through a structured, positive, and supportive word of mouth program.