Tracey Levy
Holistic Health Coach
Kale With a Side of Fries

After failed diets and ten years of professional unfulfillment, Tracey Levy left her career in sales and advertising to pursue a healthier, happier lifestyle as a certified holistic health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN). Today she is the founder of Kale With a Side of Fries, a private practice that works with individuals, groups, and companies to transform their lives with small, meaningful steps that make the health-life balance accessible, manageable, and enjoyable. Her services are as dynamic as her clients’ needs. Tracey uses health, wellness, and nutrition as pathways for improving overall quality of life. Every individual is supported by a customized program that provides accountability and clarity where they’re needed most. Life is meant to be nutritious and delicious, and Tracey is helping people strike that balance everyday.

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