Valentin Gienger
Valentin Gienger Photography, LLC

Valentin Gienger is a Portrait and Headshot photographer based in New York City, catering to both corporate and private clients.  Valentin began his photographic career in his native Germany in 2012. After an initial start in Political Science and History in Freiburg, he realized that a visual medium was the best outlet to express his passion for social issues and storytelling. 

Today Valentin works closely with his clients to understand how they wish to represent themselves to their individual professional communities, specifically through their promotional material, website, or LinkedIn page. His previous work has included corporate clients such as high-profile law firms, not-for-profit corporations, and financial/insurance companies, among others. His photographic style is characterized by precision, clarity, and a knack for great lighting.

Valentin completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, Germany, as well as Bezalel Academy for Art and Design in Jerusalem, Israel. He is currently part of the Advanced Track Program at the International Center for Photography in NYC.

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